Gadjian is a cloud-based application human resource information system. This application is intended for companies or agencies with personnel number less than 200 people. As an SaaS (Software as a Service), Gadjian charges users depend on the chosen package and number of personal quota used . Therefore, the cost can be fit with the user budget. Gadjian also provides a freemium package (free forever) for users of Standard Package with 5 personnel quota.

Features available in Gadjian are as follows :

Standard package
- Personnel Data
- Attendance Record (Basic)
- Payroll & THR
- Personnel Portal

Success package
- Personnel Data
- Attendance Record (Pro)
- Payroll & THR
- Annual leave
- Sick & Permissions
- Simple Employee Loan Management
- Income Tax 21, BPJS Employment & Health
- Personnel Portal


HRD Helper is a web-based human resources information for Indonesia. The application has been used by many companies and non-profit organizations.

The features included are as follows:
- Recruitment
- Personnel Data
- Attendance and Overtime Record
- Payroll
- Annual leave 
- Sick & Permissions
- Official travel
- Training
- Salary, Bonus and THR
- Income Tax 21, BPJS Employment & Health
- Performance assessment
- Termination (PHK)
- Personnel Portal

HRD Helper features a fairly specific and complex but user-friendly. Therefore, it’s suitable for companies which have a lot of number of personnel (+100 people), many branches or group companies. Additionally, clients can request customization of the standard platform offered. Regarding the implementation, clients has nothing to worry. HRD Helper provide one service package which includes a standard platform application, customization, data migration, training, and maintenance warranty for 1 (one) year.


Fixed Income Trading System (FITS) is a multi-tier desktop-based application that is used to support the activities of fixed income division in a brokerage company.

Broadly speaking, this application aims to facilitate the process of recording and settlement of bond transaction either Buy or Sale transactions. FITS® is an customable application, so it can be adapted and developed, according to the the user needs.

Benefits :

  • Reduce time of transaction record and settlement process. 
  • Ease to monitor trading performance.

Features :

  • Master Data: Basic data to support recording and settlement of transaction process, which includes customer data, broker list, bank accounts list, bonds list, authorization, exchange rate (for foreign currency transactions).
  • Transactions: This menu accommodates the recording and editing of bond transactions either Buy or Sell, both for the customer (regular) and user own funds (portfolio). The system will automatically calculate the broker fee (if any), gross proceeds, interest rate (margin Ijarah), accrued days, tax holding period, tax on capital gains and net proceeds; The system will display a table browser of transactions in order to monitor the overall transaction; Once the deal is completed, this menu allows the user to display and print the letter of confirmation (trade confirmation) for the transaction.
  • IPO Transaction: It's useful especially for users to conduct transactions as an underwriter or a sales agent of an IPO bond. With this menu the user can record the order, rationing and allocation of an IPO bond to customer.
  • Approval: Used to approve a transaction which is prepared by the dealer. The authorizer may modify a transaction before settlement.
  • Settlement & Instruction: Used to complete the transaction that has been authorized and to generate trade confirmation, settlement instruction, preliminary IPO confirmation, final confirmation of IPO sales and IPO Payment instruction. 
  • Bonds blotter: This menu lets you view the performance of each dealer during a specific period. Therefore, the performance of every dealer can be assessed quickly. The menu also allows the blotter report is printed. 
  • Reports: Used to print a report that includes monthly transaction report, sales performance report, unmatched trade, frequency and value, tax report and customer report.
  • Bid-Offer Information System: This is an additional features that allows dealers to input bid and offer data which can be monitored by all users. The menu is equipped with a public chat among dealers.
  • Preferences: This menu allows users to change the color, change the password and allows the database administrator to add more users, set the user access and view historical action for audit purposes.